Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. What Are The Differences?

People who are looking to try a CBD product for the first time, or even seasoned users, may overlook the labeling that defines the constituents of the product. As far as CBD products are concerned, there are three major variations in the way they are offered: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolates.


Isolates, as the name implicates, are purely composed of CBD. This means that the product doesn’t contain any other compound or cannabinoid other than the extracted CBD. Compared to other products that combine different variations of extracted cannabinoids, CBD isolates are seemingly pretty basic. However, Isolates are more difficult to create as the initial extractions contain a variety of compounds along with the CBD. Isolates have to go through another process of refining to achieve the pure compound. 

Broad Spectrum 

Broad spectrum CBD products are a step up from the isolates in terms of the compounds found within them. Like the name suggests, broad spectrum products contain the majority of extracted compounds found in cannabis with the exception of THC, the psychoactive compound. Thrive produces it’s quality broad spectrum products through a two-part extraction collecting the full spectrum of compounds followed by a secondary extraction removing the THC. This leaves the batch with a pure broad spectrum. There are a lot of brands out there that only complete one extraction and then dilute the product with various oils like coconut and hemp to take the THC down to an untraceable amount. Consequently, this also dilutes the rest of the beneficial cannabinoids within the product. Be sure to check the ingredients and quality of the broad spectrum when making a purchase. 

Full Spectrum

At this point, you can probably guess that full spectrum products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids including THC. It’s important to note that The Farm Bill of 2018 passed a legal dosage of .3% THC to be included in full spectrum CBD products, so if you are looking for a CBD product without THC, then look for a broad spectrum or an isolate.  At Thrive, we ensure every full spectrum product is of the highest quality, while remaining compliant through our meticulous process. 

Which Product Is For Me?

CBD Isolate is Best for…

  • Those who want an immediate relief comparable to a fast-acting alternative.
  • Good for stress and anxiety treatment.

Full-Spectrum CBD is Best for…

  • A longer acting effect as it binds with pain receptors. 
  • Good for long term results with issues such as chronic pain. 
  • People who are looking to target a more specific use or issue.
  • People who live in states where cannabis is fully legal and who have no fear of legal repercussions.
  • People who want to get the most out of their CBD experience.
  • Not for kids

Broad Spectrum is best for

  • For those who want a multi-compound product without theTHC.
  • Good for regulating sleep.
  • Treats depression as well as anxiety. 
  • Chronic issues such as epilepsy.

Thrive CBD have a range of high-quality isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum; that you can check at our online shop here.

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