About Thrive

We’re an
industry leader
in hemp

We’re an industry leader
in hemp products.


Where We Start

At Thrive CBD we are proud to offer the finest, most consistent natural CBD hemp oil in the world. We carefully select our hemp plants grown on our signed Farm Bill ACT family farms. We do not import from overseas. Made in the USA.

After being harvested, our CBD hemp oil is put through Triple Lab Testing process to ensure it is free of any residual contaminants. Our CBD hemp oil is then formulated with natural ingredients to create the highest quality hemp oil supplements available on the market.

Our Roots

Thrive CBD is San Diego’s first CBD (hemp oil)Dispensary. We specialize in only the highest medical grade CBD. All of our product has been lab tested and been through our quality control. We base our knowledge on our countless customers feedback and can give you a good direction were to start with CBD no matter what condition you are wanting to remedy. We have all forms of CBD and boost the largest selection in California.

We are the largest CBD carrier in San Diego, CA located in beautiful Pacific Beach area. We have every form of CBD intake from Tincture oils to edibles, topicals , pet CBD and even CBD buds . Our products have no THC in them, therefore, a medical card is not necessary.

Thrives Promise

At Thrive CBD , we have had thousands of clients and have designed our product line for there conditions using the highest quality CBD concentrates.

Thrive CBD is your trusted source has been featured in countless magazines and even radio. You can rely on a product that has a local store not just another website that doesn’t have to answer to the public.

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